Battery failsafe concerns [SOLVED]

Is it possible for my quad to disarm motors if my quad goes into a low battery mode and my throttle happens to be at zero (e.g. if I am descending from a high altitude)?

Reading this link:

It is unclear whether Ardupilot attributes priority to doing “The user configurable action held in the BATT_FS_LOW_ACT

over this option:

“Disarm motors if the vehicle is in Stabilize or Acro mode and the throttle is at zero OR the vehicle is landed”

Thanks for your help and excellent work on this amazing project.

hi @arduouspilot
no it will not happen even if you are in Stabilize or Acro and throttle be zero, copter must be landed to disarm the motors

Okay, thanks. May be the wiki could be updated to say this.