Basic hardware to flight a tandem rotors helicopter

I’m newbie to ArduCopter.
I’m putting together a flybarless-variable pitch, 3-blades per head, tandem helicopter, 450 class, ch-46 style.
I premise that I’ll never use such helicopter in autopilot/programmed flight mode also because in Italy both are totally forbidden!
I need the simplest (and cheapest!) controller, compatible with ArduCopter, that will mix radio signals to manage the 6 servos and motor.
It has obviously to have gyro sensors and possibly the capability to implement Auto-level and Altitude Hold modes.
NOTHING MORE! I don’t need GPS, cameras control, flight log, etc.
Any product selection guideline will be really appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance.


Not true, as long as you use it for recreational purpose only they are not forbidden.