Barometer Height Setting Optimization

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As shown in the figure below, the pressure and height data of the barometer vary greatly
within the effective height range of GPS, so try to use The adjustment of parameters such as
BARO1_WCF (EK3_DRAG) has no obvious effect. Please ask what the problem may be 。thanks!!
Flight effect: The pitching and rolling are in a downward state in three directions.
The height gradually rises after no operation, and the drop is close to 3m.
The drop in the other direction is 0.5m. Mechanically,
they tried to optimize the air flow channel to regulate the filtration of sponge steam drum,
but there was no obvious effect

I’m unable to download your log file.

From the graphic those altitude variations seem very defined. I would plot the baro alt against the speed of the drone or the pitch and see if there is any correlation. There may be an air pressure effect on the barometer. If you haven’t already, try some foam over the sensor.

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Yes, we also tried to optimize the air flow channel and sponge steam drum Can I send it(bin) to you by email

There should be something wrong with the air flow sensing part of the barometer of this controller

This is the effect of changing the controller.As shown in the figure above, The barometer data of aircraft attitude are consistent with GPS. However, the flight altitude is change low (no throttle operation),COUNT. ALT only reflects the change trend of static state, but it does not obviously reflect the altitude decrease in flight,Now we think it is the direction of parameter adjustment. In the exploration…