BaroAlt follows Temp


I’ve seen a few entries about BaroAlt drift when running 3.2 on a pixhawk. Didn’t really find any response on those posts, so here goes again simple version:

Is the BaroAlt supposed to follow a Temp increase, or can I set some parameter to counter for this?

(Please see attached screen dump of my situation (Blue: BaroAlt, Begie: Temp. Jumps in BaroAlt is me liftning the hexa for compass calibration)



baro is equipped of a temperature sensor. Try to let some minuts your hexa outside before starting fly.
the difference between the outside and the inside can be your drone mad :smiley: some times it don’t start (i had got this issue this winter)

does your logs shows “Baro glitch” ?

If you mean any spikes or discontinuities in the baro readout, no. Just as my screendump above, a smooth follow of the temp increase (except for lifting for compass calibration) Don’t really understand what You mean with the baro sensor is equipped with a temp sensor? They should be separate units as i understand it, temp a solid state temp sensitive resistor and baro is some sort of membrane being distorted by pressure. Right?

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In the baro sensor i fact there are 2 sensors:
Baro and temperature. It is necessary to get the both to determinate your altitude.
Some problems occured bescause of important variation of temperature in a short time…
(by exemple when you go outside the temp should decrease or increase. So your altitude will reach some bad values, if you wait a while, it will go normally)

Ok! And now i discovered today that the baro actually resets to 0 when I activate Pixhawk with the safety switch. Probably some calibration is done when its time for flight. As you say, after soaking up the ambient temp. Thanks for input!

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