Bad navigation with version 3.01

hello, I’d like your opinion on the problem I had during my last flight . It was my first flight in version 3.01 and I was too confident. The aircraft followed the first two waypoints but turning much wider than usual, after the third waypoint, it’s gone too far and I have not managed to bring him back. Finaly, plane crash …
Why the aircraft did not properly follow the flight plan?

config :
sky eye hobbyking
apm 2.5 v3.01

Had you flown it before with different firmware? Why did you not fly in manual after the second way point was missed and then fault find on the ground?

yes, I flew the day before in auto mode with version 2.x.
I know that I don’t take the good decision and ack too latebut I don’t understand why, after the WP3 was passed the plane did not turn to WP4 ?

At the end of flight, I tryed in manual to come back but at 1km the plane is very very litle and it disappeared behind the trees…

My last action was to activate return home but this mode was in v2 programmed in filght mode 6 and th update V3 replace my config by mode manual so it does nothing !.. grrrrrr

after update, I did not recalibrate the gyro and magno, is it a problem ?

Did you tune the autopilot on the previous 2.x flight? … er-tuning/

Most of your parameters are the default values indicating you haven’t tuned your aircraft or you reset the default values when you upgraded to 3.0.1.
“Note: The default values for the roll and pitch controllers in APM:Plane are quite deliberately too small for most aircraft. This is because small values will cause APM to not navigate well and be sluggish, but are less likely to cause the aircraft to crash.”

RLL2SRV_D 0.02



I always fly with default parameters, it was not perfect but it flew