Bad Logging...AGAIN. HELP!

I’ve been chasing a bad logging issue for several months. Last night I thought it might be due to logging buffer size, but I checked PM.log Drop Message and see no indications of missed messages.

The pixhawk developers guide says if logging abruptly stops look for power problems or indications of a hard reset on the SD card. I see neither.

When I look at Vcc, it fluctuates +/-0.1v around 5v, which is within limits and expected.

I swapped the SD card numerous times. I am currently using a San Disk Ultra Plus UHS-1 card (32GB).

I even swapped out the pixhawk.

I don’t know what else to check.

Really need to get this fixed so I can GEO tag photos.

Below, please find a dropbox link to a representative log file.

This is from a survey mission with a quad.

Sony A6000 with hot shoe
VP-Systems CAMremote camera trigger
Septentrio AsteRx GPS with a VRS correction and fixed solution.

I don’t don’t think this is Copter Version specific as I was seeing this in 3.4 as well

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.