Bad Lidar Health again

Built quadcopter with Pixhawh4 as FC. It is ready to fly, Mission Planner, but want to install Benawake Lidar TFmini V1.8 for object avoidance. Several good presentations on “how to” are available on YouTube and Ardupilot/copter. And I also read info on changing GPS setting from 3 to1. I have it plugged into the telemery1 port. After changing recommended settings many times, have not been able to get rid of “Bad Lidar Health”. When I set up the Lidar in the Benawake instructions, I see graphical voltage changes with distance in the output suggesting it is working.
Trying to return to the default setup, I reset as many of the known lidar parameters to default or 0, and disconnected the Lidar and I am still getting Bad Lidar Health. It still reads something but I dont know where.
Does anyone in the community have a step by step connecting TFmini to Pixhawk4. Other functions are working and I dont want to reset all

Can you share your config.
Also is this a UART based TF MINI.
IS the TF Mini powered from it’s own bec.

Set up like Benewake instructions. Found 1st Lidar defective-all that time wasted. Second lidar works. Pixhawk4 Proximity sreen show changes with distance but Bad Lidar Health is still active. Any suggestions as to how get rid of.
Lidar works on 5v supplied by Pixhawk
As far as a uart based lidar no knowledge. I plug into Telem1 and it works