Bad GPS Health

Hi to all im having a problem with the missions executions, and what appears to be a error on the compass.

First my setting.

I flying a skywalker UAV.
APM 2.5 firm V 3.0.3
3Dr GPS ublox w/ compass
APM Power Module

Well, the main problem that im having is that the plane isnt following or executing the planified mission.
The mission in question is a photogrammetry type one. And the plane is not following the legs by far.

Im attatching the log as well as some important print screen

Please help me in this case, what can go wrong here

Back up to previous firmware. New firmware causes APM 2.5 and 2.6 to have GPS health issues.
HK’s new Ardupilot 2.7 solves these issues with the new current firmware.

Not quite Dart-V I have no idea where you get that idea.

I must say i was mistaken in the main issue, it wasnt a “bad gps health” but a "bad COMPASS health.

That beeing said, to wich firmware, dartt, you recommend me to back up.

And Mr. Mortimer what can you say to me on this issue.

Thank you both for taking the time.-

Have you solved the compass issue yet? If not, then I will suggest that it is possible that the 3.3 volt regulator has died.
I recently had to fix the 3.3V reg. on my APM 2.6 FC, having had a ‘bad compass health’ issue.
Also the jumper cable could be at fault.
To check the voltage, use a meter on the two outside pins of the four pin I2C connector. Be careful not to damage the connector pins by pushing the test probes too hard.