"Bad GPS Health" on Pixhawk: What does it mean?

Hi all,

I got a Pixhawk and set it all up for my quad. However, I’m getting a “Bad GPS Health” warning, and I don’t know what it means or why it’s triggered. I think it’s a difference message than “GPS: No Fix”. Does “bad health” mean that MP thinks something is wrong with the GPS sensor itself?

Also, my power module seems to be acting funny. The voltage it shows in MP is upwards of 0.5V lower than what the battery’s voltage actually is. I can tell b/c I put a voltmeter/ampmeter between the battery and the power module. The voltage read by the power module drops quickly as the motors turn on and continues to drop quickly below 10.5V until I get a low voltage failsafe, even though the battery is really up at probably 11 volts.

Could these two problems be related somehow?


MP will give you the “Bad GPS Health” until you have the minimum sats to obtain a fix which is around 4 and then might continue until you obtain the required number of sats to arm.

Hmmm, so “Bad GPS Health” and “GPS” No Fix" are essentially the same thing?