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Bad flight characteristics in poshold

(maphe) #1

I have solved all the problems I had before.
And back to the first problem.

It’s a bad poshold flight status.

I saw a well-set helicopter flight.

Its poshold has shown a very powerful flight like a pile.

My poshold was very stiff.
It reacts very sensitively to the Rc signal.
The helicopter can not stand still and is pushed by light wind.
Even if the wind does not blow, it moves smoothly.

Are there any other parameters besides adjusting velxy’s p, i, d values?

Do I have to elevate them when the helicopter flickers? Should I lower it?

velxy_p is 2
i is 1
d is 0.5.

(Luís Vale Gonçalves) #2


as usual, no logs, no realistic analysis…