Bad Compass health warnings

I am getting bad compass health warnings with my Flying wing and with another plane. I have done the full compass calibration on both and still seem to be having issues. What could some potential bad compass health messages be coming from?

I can post the logs files but they are too big for this forum, where can I upload them to?

I recalibrated the compass twice today and still having the warnings. I have the Neo 6 on there for the compass and I have a feeling i may have it oriented incorrectly since the compass after calibration is always about 90 degreeā€™s off of where it should be. I opened it up and looked at the compass and made sure the small white dot was in the top right corner but maybe it is still off?

Is there anything wrong with changing the orientation of it in mission planner until it lines up correctly?

Solved it! I had the wrong orientation set. Set it back to default for the pixhawk and redid the compass calibration and had no issues. Glad that is solved