Availability pixhawk release info

Were can we find the status of the availability of the pixhawk?
At the 3dr site there is Usually ships between 2-3 Weeks and I ordered my hardware at the beginning of December, no mail no info about delay.
Keep your users up to date at a central location or here in the 3dr pixhawk forum with a sticky topic.

For order status please send an email to help@3drobotics.com

Thx but were can we find relevant information about release of pixhawk or what the latest status is about the delaying because of the log files/memory card problems.
I already send a mail to help@3dr (ten days ago) and got a reply that within a week the delevery should resume but further no info

Sticky topic in this form with information?


I’ve been informed by the customer service department that the Pixhawk shipments have been resumed yesterday.

Regarding to have a place to publish relevant information such as product delays the editorial group is working on it.