Aux Pins Camera Trigger Pixhawk

Hi, I am having difficulty setting up Plane to trigger my camera using the Aux pins on the pixhawk. I have the camera working fine with copter but plane is proving to me to be a little difficult. Below are my settings (tried many more!) and also some logs from my latest walk with the aircraft. Can anyone help please?

BRD_PWM_Count 6

Cam_Trigger_type 0

Cam_Duration 50

Cam_Servo_on 1800

Cam_servo_off 1000

Cam_trigg_dist 1 (for testing)

I have all the relays to -1

Under the gimbal page, I have RC10 selected as I have it plugged into Aux2 port on the pixhawk.

In this port I have a simple turnigy switch, that switches a separate 5v supply to the canon 5v usb

The logs show the camera trigger is setup on RC11 not RC10 so you need to connect to Aux3, not Aux2. This is controlled by having RC11_FUNCTION set to 10 (10 means “camera trigger”).
It shows it triggering correctly, although it ends up in continuous trigger as CAM_DURATION is 50 (which means 5 seconds), and CAM_TRIGG_DIST is 1, so as you are walking at more than 20cm/second it ends up triggering continuously.
The logs still show all the triggers (a total of 116 trigger positions in the log).
Cheers, Tridge

Thankyou Tridge for taking the time to look at my logs. I actually did have the camera in Aux3, and the software setup for RC11 sorry. I will now try again with a bigger test trigger distance and bring back the shutter to 2 seconds from 5 to see if I can notice the triggers. Thanks again.

Thanks Tridge, all fixed and works fine. Good luck with the challenge.