Autotune w/o Notch Filtering

Hey All,

Conducted an autotune (loiter) on my X8 the other day and all went well from what I can tell. I have attached the logs pertaining to autotune and then a flight afterwards (larger file is autotune) if anyone wants to give it a look.

I never ran notch filtering on the aircraft because vibrations are pretty low. However, do you think it would be worth going back and running filtering + autotune again? I am really happy with the current tune so idk if the notch filtering would add any extra stability.

Also - if anyone finds something else wrong with the aircraft please let me know!

Thanks for the help!

Looks good, fly it. It might be worth setting INS_LOG_BAT_MASK to 1 and see what’s there in any case.

Thanks for looking it over!

I already flew for about 10 minutes I think (second log in the linked folder) - and it felt rock solid. Next time I am out for a flight I will set the logging for FFT analysis and see how it looks. Any type of flight I should do in specific?

Just an AltHold Hover flight for ~1min is good.