Autotune Taking Longer than Battery Life

I’ve run into a constant problem attempting to complete autotune on my Y6 with 4S 6000 mAh battery and my OctoQuad (X8) with 4S 8000 mAh battery. I’m able to complete the roll sequence but run out of battery before the pitch sequence has completed, thus the tuning is void. This is happening on new batteries as well as other used batteries all with full charges.
Recommend that the autotune be designed into two types of tuning processes.

  1. Keep the process you have for those who can tune both roll and pitch on one battery and;
  2. create a second option for those who can’t tune on one battery. Break this test into two tuning processes of which the pilot can complete the roll tuning on a battery then power off, swap batteries, take off and then complete the autotune by initiating the pitch test.

I did today AutoTune on my quad with Pixhawk - installed software 3.2 RC2, 650KV motors, 13" props and 4S battery. It took 5 minutes only and finished successfuly.

Autotune takes a long time to complete if you have a really bad starting point. The second time around, it will go very quickly.

i expirience the same issue, what does it mean the second time around? if i land and disarm in the middle the new settings are saved?
It seems that sometimes the process just hangs and not continuing even when it didnt do ant pitch tuning, didnt test it but it seems this didnt happen on 3.1,
Whaen it hangs and i stop and start the autotune process via a switch on the rc it is starting to twitch again, does it continue from last time or starting from scratch?