Autotune takes more than 14 minutes per axis

I have ZMR250 frame and Pixhawk 2.4.8 mounted with dampers, and can confirm that:

  • There is no much noise level from gyro
  • There is no flexible payload on the copter
  • Isolation mount is hard enough
  • ESC have linear response

Still 14 minutes was not enough to setup Pitch axis, logs sometimes was saying that is

Success 3/4
and than
Success 0/4

I have tried it couple times in PosHold and AltHold modes, still no luck. With no wind. - Video recorded during autotuning

could you please send BIN log file of this flight ?

Set FLTT to 0 while running autotune if you are on 4.0.x - this is especially important on small copters

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