Autotune Succesful?

How long does an Autotune sequence take? I just finished a flight with my Skyviper which I switched to autotune as soon as it took off. I started at an altitude of about 6 feet in light wind.The copter twitched in both pitch and roll and then did some yaw movements. It then flew several circles around the launch position. It did a few more pitch and roll movements and then circled again while keeping the nose to the circle center. It then did an RTL that may have been the end of the sequence or it may have been triggered by a low battery. I took off to try a few manual manuevers but the low battery kicked in again and it landed. Total time of the flight about 6 minutes.

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Typically longer than that. Sometimes a lot longer although I have never tried it with my SkyViper. Set the Autoune_axis parameter for a single axis and do them sequentially with a fresh battery each time.

Were you able to enable autotune using the original SV Tx or were you using another model. I see in Mission Planner how to set it in switches but is there a way to turn it on using the camera switch in the original Tx?

Nvm, I found it is one of the settings that can be assigned to the TMode_Action2 from the Web interface.