Autotune succeeded with Pitch Angle P out of range

Hello guys,

yesterday i managed to autotune my quadcopter, one axis at a time. The quadcopter was setup carefully before autotune: minimal vibes, notch filter, slight manual tuning… Autotune completed sucessfully on all axes, but on pitch something went wrong (i don’t know maybe i accidentally flipped the autotune switch before disarming), so the tuned pids were not saved (although the pitch tune ended successfully).

However i was able to recover the lost values from the dataflash log, but i noticed that the value of “Pitch angle P” is way out of range: 20.263

I cannot enter that value manually to the Stabilize Pitch P (via Extended Tuning Tab of Mission Planner) as the maximum accepted value is 12.00!!

Does anybody know whats going on??

Use the full parameter list - you will be able to enter it. 20 is a decent value, higher generally means the tune is better

andyp1per thank you very much for your reply!
I just did, an alert was popped up again for an out of range value, but now it was saved.

No offense but if 20 is a decent value why the acceptable range is way lower?? Just curious.

The documented range is guidance. I would not expect this to be set manually - high values should always be set by autotune

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