Autotune size of copter limit?

Just a quick one, I know there are loads of variable so this could be a bit of a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question but is there a point at which autotune starts to be less effective as copter size increases and manual tuning becomes the better option?

I can’t say definitively it wouldn’t work, but I was unable to get auto-tune to produce a flyable result on a ~15 kg hex.

The copter was very usable before the auto tuning process so that was not the issue.

We decided not to keep trying because we were worried about a serious crash possibly happening, And we were able to get a very usable performance by hand tuning it anyways.

In case you’re not familiar, the initial tuning guide produces very good results on a properly designed and built done in my experience. (Alt-A plug in on mission planner)

That’s kind of what I was thinking. I have yet to autotune a larger copter but have managed a pretty decent manual tune. However given how many variables there are I was just wondering if the autotune would do a better job on these larger machines.

Have autotuned a ~21kg hexa successfully. Not a pleasant experience seeing that thing twitch in the air but it is doable.

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I’m scared to put my 80kg hex in autotune :grimacing: