Autotune Question

I have autotune setup as flight mode 6 and it uses my regular flight mode switch on my transmitter. I see it is normally setup as a separate switch, but I’ve got it on the same switch. I see that since Copter 3.3. autotune can be setup as a flight mode. Will my autotune run in position hold (flight mode I’ll be in just before invoking autotune) or how will this work? Does autotune stay in the last flight mode I was in before invoked? Or should I reconfigure autotune to be a separate switch altogether?

Like you have it is fine, autotune will do a very loose position hold and the craft will get moved away if there’s wind. You can just reposition it the autotune will continue. I find the easiest thing to do is just stay in autotune mode and land once it’s finished then disarm and wait a few seconds - rearm in your preferred mode and test