Autotune Plane restart

I am trying to autotune a small flying wing with a MiniAPM, and started by setting some default values. The autotune now affects the pitch PIDs, but not the roll PIDs.

Some questions that I can not find the answers to in the documentation, and am hoping some gurus here can help with.

  1. How can I tell autotune to start from ‘fresh’?
  2. Does it always start with the current PID values?
  3. Are there starting values of PID that have special meanings to autotune?
  4. Does YAW PID have any effect on a flying wing (no rudder)?


Autotune always starts from the values currently set. If you want to start again or from defaults you will need to go and modify the P gains back to the defaults manually and start again.

No, there are no special PID settings in autotune.

The YAW PID has no effect on a flying wing with no rudder.

Thanks, Grant.