Autotune option not available

hi guys.

I currently have a Fx-61 running on a pixhawk with the latest firmware (v3.0.3 ) and telem radio.

we have managed to try all of thr basic flight modes from manual, FBWA to an AUTO mission with landing. everything is going smooth except for the fact that the autotune flight mode does not appear in the flight modes page in mission planner. as such we are not able to select autotune mode as a flight mode and autotune our plane.

could someone kindly point us in the correct direction? your replies and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Either update MissionPlanner to latest,
or press ctrl-F and then “Param gen”,
or set the flight mode value to “8” in Advanced parameters. … neFLTMODE1

Thank you sir! I will try that!

Check that there is an AUTOTUNE_LEVEL in your parameters. If it isn’t there, then you need to update MP.

it worked!!! apparently I just had to update my mission planner… thanks guys!!!