Autotune - Misleading results

Could someone with knowledge of how autotune works please explain what is occurring?

If I do an autotune (as per the wiki in alt-hold).

Autotune completes and whilst still in auto-tune mode I am able to fly the aircraft around and test the tune settings. It flies really well with no bad behaviour, this is great!

So I land and disarm in auto-tune. I can confirm that the PID values are changed/saved in mission planner so auto-tune has definitely made some changes.

If I reboot the aircraft and take off in stabalize/alt-hold/loiter the aircraft now does NOT behave as it did after auto-tune completion. Twitchy and just unpleasant.

I have had this before and had to go in and manually tune/change other parameters to get the result I observed after the auto-tune. Has anyone else had this?

What in the code is occurring here? Is autotune changing more parameters than just the PIDs but not saving all of them properly when it is disarmed? How do I get the aircraft to fly like it did just after auto-tune completed?

Appreciate any insights :slight_smile:

need a log for this one really. Have you setup gain scaling with battery voltage? Without this if the auto tune completes on a nearly flat battery and then you test on a fresh one it will be more aggressive.