Autotune in Loiter - and is it possible to Geofence for Autotune?

I was wondering if it’s possible to use a Geofence to restrain copter position during Autotune.

Reviewing the docs I was reminded that it is possible, but perhaps less desirable, to initiate Autotune in Loiter to restrain copter position during Autotune.

I found nothing about using a geofence for Autotune - is it possible or advisable?

What is the current thinking about invoking Autotune from Loiter?

Thank you for your comments, advice and suggestions!

I’ve moved your post from Plane to Copter. It will make more sense this way. :slight_smile:

You can autotune from loiter mode. Apparently the new firmware (4.1.x) handles it better than previous versions and will keep the drone reasonably close. It will still drift a little, but it will keep you from chasing it across the field.


Thanks Allister - my bad for the wrong category.

I tried to AutoTune this morning in Loiter as it was a bit more breezy than I’d prefer. The Copter behaved as described in the docs - but I wasn’t confident that it wouldn’t stray out of bounds.

Before switching to AutoTune, it was interesting to just see the copter handle the windy conditions in Loiter. The copter would sink a bit when countering wind gusts - just as it does when transitioning horizontally in Loiter. I’ve posted a separate question about possibly tuning for more aggressive altitude holding.

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