Autotune 3.5.7 vs 4.0.3

hi all, i want to preform auto-tune on one of my large quad 6s lipo 29" props.
the quad is using pixhawk 1 by radiolink running version 3.5.7.
my questions are:

  1. any tips on running autotune on these kind of large quads, which aggressiveness should i put??
  2. if i update the pixhawk to version 4.0.3 preform the autotune, then rollback to 3.5.7 and just copy the gains’ will this work? did any thing change in the autotune algorithm between the versions?

thanks in advanced

It will not work the controllers in 4.0.3 have been improved.
If you do not want to update, just keep 3.5.7.

thanks you for the response.
what about the aggressiveness? with 29 inch props and 180 kv motors. should it be high or low?

Hey @Josh_Agrably
Start from here.

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