Autopilot steep bank crashing (solved) - arduplane setup/config

I have now twice smashed two bixler 3’s in autotune with arduplane running on a navio 2. I have learned that it is very necessary to have lots of safety altitude when entering an autopilot mode for the first time.

Each time I entered autotune coming from manual mode, the plane would roll over abruptly and nose dive. Each time I panicked and instead of switching back to manual mode I tried to pull up but the response was too slow and the plane smashed!

Why might my plane abruptly roll when entering autotune mode? I am so scared to use ardupilot! My trims are on par and the calibrations sufficient.

What params should I double check? I followed params from forums related to the bixler 3.


Hello, sorry for your crashes.
I’m not expert in Ardupilot support, but I will try to help.

Did you check the control surfaces direction when the autopilot is taking control ?
To do that put ardupilot in FBWA and verify the movements as explained here :

Also, in the ground control software do you see the artificial horizon moving accordingly to the plane ?

A bixler should fly with the defaults settings, did you try to fly it in FBWA or RTH first ?

If it was flying in one of those modes the error might be more related to autotune configuration


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I have it! The control surface direction was indeed the error!!! My roll is reversed on my tx for correct flight controller output when flying manual… but the flight controllers roll needed to be reversed!!! ****** Obvious lesson here is setup the flight controllers control surfaces directions first **** rookie mistake, and thanks for the input! AHHHHH! Check if fbwa corrects surfaces in the right direction on the ground before flying!!!

The plane of course rolled when trying to correct itself as it was in a feedback scenario!

After you see that you helped me I will delete this thread in embarrassment, but with critical understanding gained.

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Don’t delete it please! I got something out of your experience and the advice that was given. Let others learn from your mistake and consider the issue solved by @JeanPhilippeHell

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