Autopilot not responding to elevon inputs

Hi there.

I recently moved my autopilot into a flying wing and so I had to set it up for elevons. after a small crash and with the help from DIYDrones I learnt that the autopilot was not correcting its elevons in the correct direction. I then changed the neccessary setting in the radiocalibration tab and it now corrects as it should.

However, now the autopilot does not respond to any of the elevon inputs I provide. it responds to throttle and switches modes just fine but does not respond to any of my stick inputs.

When I swap into manual mode it works fine. This is very strange because it used to respond to my stick inputs in FBWA mode until I changed the settings to reverse elevons. when I change it back to how it used to be it still does not work.

When I changed the settings so that elevons were reversed I had to use a different computer to the one I normally use. This required that I Install windows 8 APM drivers for the laptop and Install APM 2.

Does anyone have any clue as to how I should go about diagnosing the problem and fixing it?


Okay I managed to fix it although I still dont understand what happened. I went to the complete parameters list and reset all values to default. I then recalibrated all settings using the Wizard.