Autonomouus Loiter Commands

Why do the Loiter autonomous mission commands show such big circles?
my goal is to make a circle with a radius of 1 meter autonomously, how can I do it?

Try reading the Wiki entry:
Loiter turns

And for 1 meter precision you need a good tuned copter and a RTK GNSS with good RTCM corrections.

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It looks like there is an extensive CORS (Ntrip) network in Turkey. Unless it’s cost prohibitive (It’s free here) that would seem to be the way to go for these TEKNOFEST competitors.

do you think i should increase the radius? Wouldn’t a 1.5 meter radius be accurate too?

I’ve read but the drone only rotates around its axis. I set the CIRCLE_RADIUS parameter to 200 but it didn’t work. In the column where the spline waypoint is located, the radius expression is not specified on the site. Do you think I should use this?

Use Mission Planners simulator to test the parameters/commands action.

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And ArduCopter 4.1.0-rc1 can do much tighter curves