Autonomous rover/golf trolley problems

We are currently making a project at school. We’re all new to rc and all the software before we started.
We’re building a autonomous golf trolley, which is supposed to end up following the player. We have it running with skidsteering. We have also tried only using the external gps since the pixhawk is in a bad position signal wise. Up until now we have succesfully driven it with the rc controller.

Any help is very appreciated

We decided that the first step should be the rover following a mission.
We’re having some issues getting it to the different waypoints.

When we set it to “launch” it just drives in what seems to be random directions.

The tech used:
Motors and battery taken from segboard " "

Unmannedtech pixhawk 4: " "

Esc’s: " "

Transmitter and reciever: " "

Bluetooth transciver and FTDI adapter: " " " "

Our setup: " "

Sorry for the messy wiring.

Log: Im trying to download a log, but it’s taking a long time

Hi Martin,

Yes, a log would be very useful to help you out. Can you also upload your mission waypoint file so that we can see what your attempting to do with your mission.

From your images, what metal is your carts frame made of?

What GPS/Compass unit are using? Have you done a compass calibration?

The GPS antenna should have a clear 360° view of the sky, down to the horizon. Any metal in the signal path is bad. A golf course should be a good enviroment for GPS/GNSS positioning, but you have to elevate the GPS antenna.
The compass will also have problems with the irregular shaped metal frame around.

Locating the GPS/compass module on that vehicle could be challenging. It should really extend above the aluminum frame and club heads or you will have problems. Particularity with the compass as Sebastian says. A big mast above it all doesn’t sound very practical.

Thanks for All the info guys!
Unfurtunately we have All been suspended the rest of the time the project is on, due to the goverment wanting to limit the spread of covid-19. We won’t be able to finish the rover, but I appreciate your help!

I guess, we will hear things like that more often from now on. :mask: