Automatic takeoff quad

Hello guys, could you please some of you advice me how to set up Auto takeoff throttle? Copter is taking off with full throttle to required altitude. I need to set up lower throttle for smooth taking off.
Thank you

I think might be help lua script

Hello, thank you for your advice, but I don’t know how to use LUA script in automatic mission.

Did you changed these parameters:

you probably should.

Thank you, I will try tomorrow.

I had a look at it. Yes it is setting for fly between way points. But it not solve the problem with auto take-off. Auto take off accelerates vertically with full throttle. This I need to modify.

How about changing the following parameters?


Limit the ascent speed by specifying the desired speed and acceleration values.

thank you for your advice. Auto take off is probably the same how to achieve WP. It should work.
I will test it and let you know.

The parameters I gave you are only for the vertical portion of the flight, and do change the stuff you want.

Yes I understand. I will test it.