Automatic optical flow calibration compared to report by Auto Analysis

Several releases ago, the Mission Planner Auto Analysis began reporting on Optical Flow settings for flow_fyscaler and flow_fxscaler.

Will the new automatic optical flow calibration generate the same results?


This is a very interesting question and I had forgotten that the autoanalysis even attempted to calculate these values (I’ve never tried it personally and it’s not written on the wiki I think).

I’m pretty sure that the inflight calibration will do a better job though but if you try them both I’d love to hear the results.

I’ll report what I find.

The auto analysis calibration requires quite a lot of flight data to make a report. And some of the reports are out of the parameter limits - i.e. flow_fyscaler or flow_fxscaler greater than +/- 300.

Isn’t MP auto analysis deprecated since few years ago?

I believe it was revived a few revisions ago. Still not quite the same though - for example, the previous version used to report on motor imbalance - the present version does not.

Especially for new users, or maybe for experienced users doing first flight tests - I think it’s a good starting point.

It has some quirks that would benefit from better documentation. For example, it reports compass offsets out of range. But it’s not clear if it’s recommending what the setting should be - or that the present setting is out of “recommended” range.

Must have missed the message where the dev said it was revived.


I don’t think there was a message - it was just something some of us did by habit and shazam - one day it started working again - and was confirmed when someone asked about it.

Usual great comunication :slight_smile: by MP dev.