Automated Landing Overshoots Landing Spot

I’ve been experimenting with airplane auto landings and have had multiple successful landings. Amazing. I’m using a Pixracer, Arduplane 3.8.4 and Mission Planner 1.3.56. I am using barometric altitude (no rangefinder) to sense altitude.

Am also using a sequenced landing approach where the turn to base leg and turn to final approach both have glide slopes of about 10%. I’ve tried higher and lower glide slopes with similar overshoot results. Also tried longer distances but the airplane still overshot the spot.

I’ve increased the LAND_FLARE_SEC parameter from the default of 2 to 3 thinking that the motor would turn off sooner. It didn’t.

I’ve tried a few different values for the LAND_FLARE_ALT parameter but put it back at the default of 3 meters because changing it made little difference.

The airplanes flares and lands nicely, but it overshoots the programmed landing spot every time by about 100 to 200 feet.

In the flight plan is the final waypoint designated LAND the landing spot or the beginning of the landing sequence?

What else could I try?



have a watch this video may help

You should post some dataflash log files to tell you more.

Land is the final waypoint. There is another mavlink command to start landing séquence which is Do_land_start. For exemple if you have reverse trust enable and working, it will begin to start after do land start waypoint reach (if you have setup or properly of course).
Overshoot come from baro drift but needs longer flight time and I think you test on small flight plan like take off - Land. Altitude descent rate is by default very smooth and could be adjusted but it depends on your frame …

yak-54, lucamax and kikislater, thanks for the tips.

I posted the telemetry and dataflash logs. I aborted the landing three times because of the overshoot.