Autolanding Turn after flare


I am running arduplane 3.7 with an airplane that is rudder only. It has a lidar lite sensor installed with the hope of using the lidar for autolandings. We have made two auto landing attempts but notice that after entering the flare and holding the airplane will begin to yaw un-commanded to the left. On the first landing I did not nudge to correct but did on the second landing and had the ability to steer it down to landing.

I have attached the .bin file as well as the .kmz (Link)

Another thing that I have noticed is that on autolaunch my airplane will climb to a height slightly higher ~30’ than the altitude I put in the launch command. My launch command is to get the airplane to 200’ agl but it usually will get to 230’agl before going to the next waypoint. Do I have a command wrong or should i do something different to get it to stop the climb at 200’?