Autoland procedure

Hi all.

I’m flying with my RVJET and APM 2.5 and all went fine (AutoTakeOff, Mission with picture triggers and so on).

The navigation path is very precise (repeating the same mission the flight paths are almost the same).

What I cannot do in a reliable way is the auto landing feature.

There is a good explanation of the auto land feature?

I’ve tried to make a landing path to approach the landing point (I’ve tried the last LAND waypoint with the coordinates and with no coordinates, both with zero alt) but I cannot get a reliable auto land.

Some times the RVJET lands near the LANDING waypoint, some times it overshoots the point, some time the altitude is too much and so on.

Someone that use this feature (AUTOLAND) can explain to me the correct procedure?

Thanks in advance

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Following the missing info:

Airframe: RVJET (2m wingspan)
Motor: Hacker A30 8XL v3
prop:11x6 folding
lipo pack: 3S 5800mAh 40C
ESC: 65A
Controller: APM 2.5
Airspeed Sensor
Fw: APM ver. 2.74
Telemetry: 433MHz 3DR Radio
RC: FrSky Taranis w/PPM rx

I’ve not anymore the log

Did you get any luck with that problem?

I have had a bad history with the auto takeoff and landing, more with the auto landing!
Auto takeoff has been resolved a bit, but still need to employ the steering wheel to keep on the center line.

For the auto landing, we never had a completely successful one. I have not yet tried the new firmwares (2.73 & 2.75 & 2.76), so I am not sure if they improved these modes there.

I have no issue with auto-takeoff (I launch my models with hand so the feature works flawless).

Tomorrow I’ll try the new 2.76 rev. but I’ve not understand the right procedure to use for auto landing:

the last waypoint (LAND) needs the GPS coordinates and altitude, altitude only or what?

No one uses the auto land procedure?

Any hint?


Hi there, I’ve been using autoland based on the response by Drew Cook to this post here: … up-problem.

I’m also attaching a succesful tlog of one my testing missions and a waypoints file.
Hope it helps!

[attachment=0]2013-10-13 10-58-35_mision20m.tlog[/attachment]

Today we’ve tried a mission with TakeOff, 4 WPs, AUTOLANDING with our RVJET with APM 2.5 and fw 2.76

It was a success!

We have repeated the mission three times and for all the auto landing was successful

It seems we have an issue with the mag, we’ll try to repeat the calibration

Can you please post the procedure you followed for successful auolanding. For me I have to be a little bit careful as I have a heavy airframe (around 2.5 Kg), it’s the small C 17.

I wish I can have a successful auto landing using the new fw 2.76.

Also, do I have to be careful with the flare time and altitude parameters?

Thanks in advance.

I’ve followed the Drew Cook sequence and it seems to work fine.

You must only calibrate the descent ratio (distance and altitude between the landing point and the initial descent point) for your specific airframe

Next time I’ll post the log of a complete mission


Thanks, gtrick90. Can you please tell how you adjust these parameters, the distance and altitude?

Thanks again.

I’m very curious about this as well. I’m afraid to try just yet… any tips or instructions on the latest plane firmware?