I am just a little confused on the switch settings. I understand the STB, ALT, but if I switch the one all the way down to Auto what exactly is that doing and what should I be using that for.

This means autonomous mode. It will run a mission when your GCS (Ground Control Station) says GO and gives it commands.

FYI, if you look at the two top-right sticks which control STB ALT AUTO etc, you should note that the right stick controls which settings the left stick is using.

So when the right stick is UP, the left stick can be in STB/LTR/AUTO modes.
When the right stick is DOWN, the left stick can be in STB/ALT/RTL modes.

Also note there are two STB modes (which are just the same actually) which is only there to make it easy for you to go into STB mode and then switch the right stick from UP or DOWN and not change out of STB until you’re ready to select something else.

I only call this out for you, since it took me easily a few hours including reading this forum, to figure this concept out… Quite confusing from the way it looks, but once you get it, you get it. :smiley:

I appreciate the help. I had figured out the far right switch and how it changes what the one next to it does, but it is always good to mention something like this. I would rather have someone tell me more than not enough lol… I think I understand the Auto setting now. So if I have a mission ready to go all I need to do is place my switch to Auto and then the control will come from mission planner? If I do not move it into Auto can mission planner do anything with regards to controlling the Iris? And say I am flying a mission and I want to take over control I just need to move the switch out of Auto?

These things are good to know. After my strange flight last night I am putting together an emergency check list as I have for my preflight. This way when the panic sets in I will look at my paper and just follow the instructions.

thanks again for the help

I am not an expert, and barely a n00b at this point myself… But yes, you put it in Auto and then build a mission or have one pre-defined, and hit Go. It goes. You have to have it in AUTO mode, so left one down and right one up.

You CAN switch back out of AUTO, yes. But keep in mind what you switch to and where the sticks are like for throttle up/down especially.

If you don’t put it in Auto, your Mission Plan should still be able to control the Iris manually using the on screen controls and options. Auto is just for autonomous mission flying.