Auto tune and mid-throttle setting for APM powered heli

My Align 450 Pro FBL is powered by APM2.6 using Arducopter V3.2.1.

Do I do auto tune according to the procedure set out in Wiki, same as that for multicopter ?

For mid throttle setting, since the throttle is now controlled by a knob and the throttle stick controls the collective, how do I set the mid throttle for hovering ?

Appreciate any help.

Assuming you could get autotune to engage with a helicopter, I would not recommend it. I’m pretty sure the result would be an instant and quite impressive crash.

The collective curve for a helicopter is set with the params

The range for those params is 0 (max negative collective pitch) to 1000 (max positive collective pitch) in 3.3 and on. I do not know if the scaling was the same in 3.2. The 2 and 3 numbered params correspond to the lower and upper “deadzone” of the collective in Alt Hold or Loiter.