Auto Trigger using sLED with Ardupilot

Greetings to all

The first is to introduce me to all forum members, I am new to this, I’ve been using ArduPilot a month and I could make about 10 flights with the Skywalker model.

I have been watching many tutorials on how to perform aerial photographs, I have seen the tutorial “auto trigger camera (without CHDK)” but uses Pixhawk.

My question is, I have a Canon 350 D, which is compatible with the SLED Flytron, Is it possible to use it in ArduPilot as is done in pixhawk ?.

I tried to do it by connecting the SLED Flytron the A10 exit (PC10 for the Mission Planner), I connect the ArduPilot Mission Planner but I can not take any picture.

Flytron sLED:

what can i do to take photographs with this IR (sLED) and ardupilot?

Well, for other users, i can do that with ardupilot and pixhawk.

In Ardupilot is simple, connect to AUX 10 and go to Mission Planner/Optional Hardware/Camera. Here you can in the last optión choose to AUX10 how to Camera Out (In Mission Planner AUX 10 is CH10).

In Pixhawk, you must know what a Aux Output need a Bec to power the bank, but all it’s the same, go to Mission Planner and Configure.