Auto takeoff - stay in low alt


Loaded the latest APM version to my mini APM.
Installed the APM + GPS on my ZOOM XL for testing.
Have nose wheel so set Elevator for -20% until 8m/s
Set first point as take off with height of 40m
Set second WP 50 m farther in a straight line with 50 m in height.
WP_loiter is 20 m

Takeoff is smooth but plane remain in extremely low alt of 5-10 m even passing the second WP and I need to abort.
All other parameters are mostly default.
Max Thr is 80%


  1. Where do I set up my first (takeoff) point ? In the physical location of my plane or a little bit farther?
  2. Why dont I get height???
  3. When I set up WP_Loiter as 20 m . is it also in Altitude direction?



What is your takeoff pitch?

If you could post a log of the flight that would help us do some analysis.

Thanks, Grant