Auto-TakeOff problem - not enough pitch?

We use Talon Pro body, pixhawk cube orange and here3 gps as a system.

The main thing we are struggling at the moment is the take off:
We want to hand launch the model. Using manual control this works good.
If we try this in mission mode, the take off is detected and the motor starts spinning. it goes to 100% throttle, but it seems there is not enough pitch - so the plane crashes after 2 seconds.

What parameters can be used to tune the take off?

When you’re in mission mode are you using the auto take off command or going straight to the first WP? Sometimes if I’m planning a mission ahead of time and don’t know the winds onsite, I will take off with Auto-Takeoff-mode then switch to Auto Mode to fly the mission once it’s in the air.

I’m scheduling a task over mp and creating a takeoff command.

Then you need to specify the angle and target Alt fields. If you let them blank, then the AP will think it reached take off alt at 0.

yes I am giving the target altitude and pitch angle value

Ok, we are guessing in the dark here, but please check the following:

  1. Are these values achievable?
  2. If you are using an airspeed sensor, try disabling it.
  3. Are your limit angle values allow the aircraft to achieve take off angle values?
  4. Your trim throttle, minimum and max arsp values are somehow correct based on your manual flight observations?
  5. Last but not least, check that your manual trim and travel settings match the FBW a settings.