AUTO TakeOff Copter without control


I’m executing a simple auto waypoint flight from A to B. All goes well in TakeOff and Land. There is one question I have about the TakeOff in Auto Mode.
If I read the documentation:
If starting the mission while the copter is on the ground the pilot should ensure the throttle is down, then switch to the Auto flight mode, then raise the throttle. The moment that the throttle is raised above zero, the copter will begin the mission.

With me, the copter always takes off when switching to Auto mode. Whatever the stick position.
I know now this happens, the question is, is this expected behavior?
Cube Orange - ArduCopter V4.0.4rc2


We would need to see a .bin file from the flight controller of this happening to determine any causes.

Hello Mike,

Thanx for picking up this question.

I have made a demo flight today for sharing the log.
Flight Log

I have been reading a lot these days about the Cube/Mission Planner and found my specific issue that I proved in my demo flight today.
What I was doing the last days was in MP setting the mode to AltHold in MP set mode followed by Arm followed by Auto mode. In this scenario, the UAV will start immediately. Last week or the week before that, it was in a different FW, it went also immediately in the air with AltHold-Auto-(throttle)Stick Down. In my test today not. If I keep it AltHold-(throttle)Stick down-Auto and keep it that way, it will disarm after a few seconds. As expected.

My question now is, from AltHold to Auto with throttle center, is it expected to immediately go into action?
Question-related, I understand that setting the parameter WP_NAVALT_MIN sets a minimum altitude, let’s say 2 meters, before you can activate the auto command?

Thanx in advance