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It’s my first post on this board :slight_smile:

I got a plane 2,2m wingspan with Pixhawk, its my first autonomous system and now I am configuring it to do its first autonomous flight.

I got a question about AUTO mode (total autonomous flight - mission from Mission Planner). Does this mode include Auto Take off and Auto Landing modes? In this case you have to plan a mission, fix a GPS position and only put a plane in AUTO Mode?

Or in another case - you turn plane into Auto Take off, then change to Auto and then Auto land after completing the mission (this version doesn’t make any sense for me, but for a newbie like me, is possible - because I do not know this system well).

I do not find an answer for my question in manuals.


Hi, the Auto mode is for enable all the autonomous modes that you program in the mission planner.
You can do a full autonomous flight with auto take off, waypoints and auto land in mission planner and at the field you only need to enable auto mode.
It’s better to start by a simple mission with a few waypoints, at the field you star in manual takeoff then switch to auto and the plane go to the waypoints, after you switch to manual and land, then when you understand how it works you try the auto take off etc.
All the modes work with gps, so you need to have a lock before you start to fly

Thank you so much, now I understand.

Any advice before very first mission?

Have you trimmed the plane in manual mode and calibrate the radio in the Mission Planner and after that you use the autotune correctly?
Sorry for ask this, but if the Pixhawk is well tune you have no problem.
Also plan a short way points so that you can see the plane executing the Autonomous fly, and if you are comfortable then you can go for more boldly missions :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply!

I think so but… it is some manual / tutorial? I want to be sure and I prefer to check everything one more time… :slight_smile:

Try here: