Auto mode with Obstacle Avoidance in mountain terrain

Hi All,

I’m using a down facing rangefinder for altitude, and a forward facing 3d camera acting as proximity sensor, sending obstacle avoidance messages to flight controller, flying close to the ground (really close). The issue I am encountering is the obstacle avoidance isn’t taking the height below my camera into consideration, so when I encounter an obstacle barely below the camera line its going to be a clothesline scenario, I’m assuming it’s not taking rangefinder measurements from the rangefinder to the ground into consideration, or a measurement that basically tells you how far the drone is below the sensor.
Additionally, I prefer if my drone travels over an object if it’s ground ( i.e. Up a cliff face), and around objects like trees ( actual object not important just ability to know to go around poles small diameter vertical objects), since I am surveying the ground.

Any suggestions on how this can be done? Also on mission speed I prefer if it were dynamic and it adjusted based on if there were obstacles around or not rather than just haul ass at the regular rate of speed I have it set to go.

I appreciate your suggestions and input thank you. I do have a companion computer and I’m flexible on this.