Auto Mode with NO waypoints


Is it OK to program Auto Mode with NO waypoints? I wanted to add it as a flight mode but don’t really want to use it just yet.

If I flip into Auto with no waypoints, what will happen?




Let us know after you try it!

Just be ready to switch back out to another safe mode; you should be ok.


The IRIS copter comes with this flight mode programmed as one of the switch positions.

I use it all the time for flying quick missions that have programmed in.

It’s set as the last mode on the switches so you don’t accidently step through it.



That the way mine is setup and if there are no waypoints it will not cause any problems


Howdy All and thanks for the replies!@@

parkgt, I will also post my experience - it does seem logical that NOTHING would happen with no waypoints…

What I fear is “forgetting” that I had waypoints set up for the Dallas area where I live, then taking the quad to a fly-in or something and accidentally letting it loose and flying back to Dallas ha ha ha :wink: