Auto mode correct flight path problem

Pixhawk: Arduplane 3.1.0
Plane: Flying Penguin
Mission Planner 3.1.9 build 1.1.5346.13591

Done AUTOTUNE on level 6, NAVL1_PERIOD = 18, PTCH2SRV_RLL = 1.05

I think that plane flying correctly on FWBA but I have a problem with AUTO survey mission.

Plane flying few meters from correct flight path and the effect is that it do the same path twice as you can see on screen shot from KMZ log. In this situation photo mapping is impossible :frowning:

I’m attaching my logs, screenshot from waypoint (mission planner) and screenshot from google earth KMZ log.

Maybe someone can help me figure it out what’s wrong with settings / plane ?

Thank you

Could it be the same phenomena as the one discussed in the following thread?
(plane always flying right of waypoints)