Auto mission - hover speed

Hi, I tried an automission - (to be honest I planned with qgroundcontrol - I prefer the GUI of it).

I set up a hover speed 1 m/s (the original value was 5m/s) but visibly it was not slower. (mission start point) - at take off action I couldn’t find this property.

(It started too dynamically, too fast, even at a point the quadcopter tilt roughly 20-30 degrees after start (in 20-30cm height).

What do I do wrong - should I plan it from ardupilot? How can I set it - I mean the real hover speed - (I can’t find it)?



If you set the Hover Speed in Mission Start / Vehicle Info section this is used solely to tell QGC the default hover speed for the vehicle. This allows it to calculate mission times. I you want to change the flight speed for a mission do it from a waypoint item.

I’m going to remove this setting from Mission Start in daily builds and leave it just on General Settings since it confuses the heck out of everyone. But in order for QGC to calculate a mission time it needs to know how fast a vehicle flies missions by default. That information is locked away in a parameter so QGC doesn’t know it. So the user has to tell QGC. The default for it that QGC has built in should work unless you have change the parameter which controls default mission flight speed. In which case you will have to update it.

basically i defined it there in the Mission Start / vehicle info.
image (as I mentioned this is the qGroundControl)

Which as I said has no affect on the mission. I also just remembered that QGC does not support flight speed change ui for ArduPilot. This is because ArduPilot implements MAV_CMD_DO_CHANGE_SPEED in a way which goes against MAVLink spec.

I’ll add it to the discussion here: