Auto Mission Error

Twice in the last week, I have been in a middle of an auto mission and had something strange happen. I will be going to the next waypoint, start falling from the sky, and then automatically switch to alt hold. Once it regains altitude, it switches back to auto and completes the mission. I have all failsafe’s turned off, along with geofence. It does show a drop in satellites and rise in HDOP, but it is only after it has begun tumbling. Please have a look at the log. Also, it does have some vibration I believe is from an unbalanced prop, but not sure if it is enough to cause this event.

Sorry, forgot to add it is an Iris+ with Pixhawk.

Baring the fact that you are flying against FAA rules the point that the copter fell is because it lost contract with your radio. Since you disabled all the fail safes that would have ended the mission and flew back to you it reverts to Alt Hold and Falls. This fall condition is going to be fixed in a future release which may have left the copter on hold in the ozone until the batteries went dead…

Anyway it dropped because it lost contact with the radio for that brief moment. You didn’t happen to turn the RC off in mid flight?