Auto Launch with no waypoints?

I am looking for a way for a hand off controller auto launch similar to INav. It looks like auto launch will work but from what I see, that is only if you have a mission loaded and you put it in auto mode. I found some old info that seems to indicate that if you go to auto mode and no waypoints are loaded, it will RTL. So any idea what would happen if you auto launch in auto mode without any waypoints loaded? Will it climb to RTL altitude and loiter (or land if set to do so)? Or, anyone know of another way to accomplish an auto launch that will climb to a specific altitude and loiter without waypoints?

There is takeoff mode in plane for that:

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Thanks! Do you set full throttle? Does it start when you throw it like auto launch?

As you can see in the Wiki there are several configurable parameters required. Click the link that @Mustafa_Gokce posted that brings you to this page:
Auto Takeoff

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Gotcha thanks. I just wasn’t sure if the launch behavior was the same (detected movement on the ACC to command the motor start)

You can configure it. Acceleration thresholds, delays, throttle level, altitude, etc…

This video is a bit old, but the basics are still valid.