Auto flight possibilities

I can see that we already have many things we can use. :slight_smile:

I did go trough all parameter description, but a few things remain unclear to me.

The first thing is, i know that i can reset the mission so it starts again from WP1

But is it possible to step back like 3 WP, or forward?

My other question is that when i fly in none auto modes. Is it possible to receive WP direction and distance somehow? I would really like to know where is my WP while in let’s say STAB mode. This would be really nice! :slight_smile:
I know that i can turn off full AUTO mode now. But can i do it from my TX?


Hi Gabek,
You can jump to a specific waypoint number, but you can’t currently jump to an offset in the mission. That won’t be possible until we implement full scripting (planned for px4/pixhawk in the future).
If you want to get waypoint guidance but fly manually you can use the option AUTO_FBW_STEER. That will give you FBWA flight control when in auto.
Cheers, Tridge

Thank you!

I did go trough parameters again, but did not find the option.

How can i jump to a specific WP?


Do i need telemetry and a PC to do that, or can i do it from my control TX?


My understanding Gabor is that you do need a PC to jump to a specific WP in-flight, but if you find a way to do it via switch on the radio, I’d love to hear it.

Sure Josh! I will! :slight_smile:

I just rewrote OSD scren switching a tiny bit, to keep the 3 sceens values below 1750

to be able to use the same channel for full mission reset. That is possible.


Interesting notion… so the switch would need another mix to get a 4th position, is that what you’re saying?

Exactly. :wink: