Auto flaps


Is there a specific reason, why desired cruise speed triggers flaps?
Should not As itself do it?

Like the plane is flying fast around 140km/h, than cruise speed is lowered to 30 km/h.
If trigger speed is likee 35km/h than APM would open flaps. Even if AS is still around 120 km/h!
AM i right?

Even worst, if desired cruise speed is higher than trigger speed, but in reality tha plane is at stall speed!
In this situation flaps will stay closed… :frowning:

This might be a feature request. Hmmm…
It is! :slight_smile:
Can this be done?
I mean to make AS to trigger flaps?

Till than i might bypass this by connecting my flap servos to a Arduino nano that reads AS from MAVLINK, so it can open flaps at the moment it is really needed, to have real auto flaps.


I agree that this should be a lot smarter. We probably want it to be some combination of the two.
Can you open a issue on this and Paul and I will think about how best to deal with this?
Cheers, Tridge

Thank you Andrew!

Just did. :slight_smile: