Attaching a clay extruder to a drone

I have recently gained interest in building a 3D clay extruder and attaching it to a heavy lifting drone, with the ability to produce large scale architectural objects.

Originally I thought there must be a way to combine the coding directions of 3D slicing software like Cura, or Marlin into multiple flight paths imported into way points in the mission planner software.

If this makes sense and you know of way to do this or how to get started I would really like some advice. I am also looking into starting a team to make this happen. At this point I am an empty cup and want to learn everything to make this happen. Thank You.

If you got a soft that can produce a list a point to follow base on a reference point, you already got everything you need in GUIDED mode :
Just need to translate your 3d slicing point to either GPS coordinates or in copter frame reference !

How does copter frame reference work?